About Cambium
Our Story

Cambium Builders began in 1996, when after many years of using his
creative talents in finishing carpentry throughout homes in British
Columbia and Edmonton, owner-operator Danny Weremczuk chose
to expand and hone his talents into designing and building complete

Although not exclusive to these areas, much of our work has centered
on Edmonton infill properties. These older neighborhoods are the
perfect setting for diverse, quality housing to flourish. There is nothing
better than updating a home while retaining all of the neighbourhood’s
original charm and character.

Since inception, Cambium has become a first-class home building
company, with a passion for creating and renovating properties that
are each unique, well-crafted and suit the style of their owners.
Our Work

We have grown our company on the foundation of masterful woodworking and the meticulous consideration of every step of the building process.

Each of our homes is first and foremost designed with function in mind - we ensure no useful space is sacrificed.

Our purpose is to build truly beautiful, custom homes for homeowners who want their character to be visible in the design of their living space.


Getting to know you through planning, involvement, and ongoing conversation allows us to better understand your needs so that we can
build or renovate the home of your dreams.

Our clients refer us to their friends, families, and colleagues not only because of our detail-oriented processes and relentless focus on
quality, but because we truly put our heart into your home.
Cambium Builders is a trade name of Cambium Services Ltd.
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